Your Child Is Likely To Have Improved Capacity To Learn Math Now

Your Child Is Likely To Have Improved Capacity To Learn Math Now

Oh yes, you are delighted to see your kiddo’s interest towards learning math, you will get even more happy to his acquisition of knowledge as he has already started recognising shapes and numbers and also is able to count them. A good math foundation is essential. So we should introduce fun math activities for kids that will help him to learn better.
What you can do
Give your child plenty of opportunities to count as you can find number everywhere in your surrounding, for e.g. you can ask him to count his toys and put them back in the bag. Also you can help your sweetie pie in recognizing shapes, for e.g. you can treat them with different shapes of cookies or you can also help them in making painting, by sticking craft paper of different shapes. Encourage him to make a number and shape book as it can be so much fun for both of you, your cutie pie can collect different things to paste in this book.
For e.g. to teach shapes you can help him in making Christmas tree with top triangle (leaves) and below rectangle (stem). Lastly it will be more motivating if everyone in family helps him to learn with simple fun activity for e.g. you can give them cups labelled with numbers (1-10) and along with it a bag of stones. So he needs to put the same number of stone, to number labelled in each cup. So as a mommy keep patience and keep on trying new maths activity every time.




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