Your Child Is Likely To Love Preschool!

At this stage, your kiddo is open to learning new things. He may like interacting with children of his age. Choosing an early learning program for your child requires you to weigh up a number of factors; quality, staff-to child ratios, proximity to home or work, your working hours, and cost being among the top concerns. 

What you need to know:

While every child is eligible at 4 years to join preschool - the year before they start school, you can begin your child’s education with a 3 year-old program, either with a community or a privately run preschool or in tandem with day care. 3 year olds preschool programs are play-based programs, ideally run by a qualified early childhood teacher. It is an opportunity for your child to develop relationships with other children and adults outside his family. While learning opportunities are play-based, the focus is on engagement, interaction and thinking skills that are prerequisites for reading, writing and mathematics. Early commencement can be beneficial for your kid if he had a difficult start or who seem to be experiencing difficulties as he can benefit from early intervention. Even if your kiddo is anxious to be away from you or keen for new experiences, a 3 year-old program may help with these. Visiting local services and speaking with teachers is the best way to make your decision.

Your Child Is Likely To Love Preschool!

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