Your Child Is Likely To Make Up Words/Songs Or Create A Tune

By now your child must have become a chatter box. At this stage, he is actively learning language and has been asking too many questions to you. As his speech is at peak of it's development, you should always have clear conversations with your child so that he learns to speak the correct words. You should narrate him stories so that he also learns the art of narrating stories and moreover enhances his speech. He by now, can speak most of the words he listens in his day to day life. Listening to songs and creating songs by himself, he is likely to be enjoy all this.Your Child Is Likely To Make Up Words/Songs Or Create A Tune

What you need to know

Speech development is the most important aspect of child's life and by learning it properly, your child can express himself better. You should not use baby language at the initial stages as your child continues speaking the same. You should talk as much as you can so that your child will have good speech.




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