Your Child Is Likely To Recognise An Object/Word If A Part Of It Is Visible

Your toddler has grown smart and efficient at this point and can recognize words or objects in a better way. He would become quick to figure out missing objects such as puzzle pieces, building blocks, etc. Moreover, if you omit a certain word from a small sentence, your toddler would surely spot it. This is a wonderful development trait that should be further worked by you as a parent. 

 What you need to know

Your Child Is Likely To Recognise An Object/Word If A Part Of It Is Visible

You are responsible for your kid’s growth at home. Such tasks are important to check your little one’s mental capabilities. There are several development games which are available in the market for polishing your child’s part-whole thinking skills. Do not scold or get angry when he is not able to perform a task; this would lower down his confidence.

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