Your Child Is Likely To Reverse Letters Such As 'b' & 'd'

Your Child Is Likely To Reverse Letters Such As 'b' & 'd'
Letter Recognition

Your darling is now writing the letters but there would be a lot of instances when he would be reversing the letters, especially the ‘b’ and ‘d’. This is a developmental stage that most children go through. As your child will practice his letters more, these errors will diminish. Whenever possible point out the errors gently and help out your child whenever he is confused. Your patience at this time is much needed.

What you need to know

It is very common for children this age to reverse the letters, mostly the similar looking ones. If your child is also one of them, do not panic. Many parents see their child flipping the letters and jump to the conclusion that their child is dyslexic, but that is not the case always. Only if the child is over 7 years old and still getting confused with the letters, a check-up may be required.

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