Your Child Is Likely To Self Asses Himself

Your Child Is Likely To Self Asses Himself
Social Development

At this stage, your kiddo is able to think better about what he did, said or made, and to make decisions about how he can do better the next time. This helps your child to set personal goals and to work towards these goals together as a group or individually. Self-assessment involves your child to think about his own learning and development. 

What you need to know:

You should invite your child to talk about samples of his work. These might include constructions, drawings, dressing-up outfits, paintings, puzzles, sculptures, or writing. Alternatively, you should use photographs of these to start a discussion. As part of the discussion you should provide words and phrases to help your child develop a language which he can use when talking about what he did, said or made, felt, and learned. Collections of things your child has made or photographs can help him connect past learning and new learning. This in turn can help your child identify what he is are good at, where he can improve, and what new learning he would like to do. This is the basis for setting learning goals for themselves.

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