Your Child is Likely to Throw Frequent Tantrums Now

Your Child is Likely to Throw Frequent Tantrums Now

At this point, going for a shopping trip is the most dreadful thing to do with your 5 year old child. Everything that your child lays eyes on is something that the child wants to buy. As parents this is the most embarrassing situation when your child is shouting and screaming for a toy in public and you are having a difficult time handling it. Most of the parents, just to get over the situation, would either avoid taking the child to the mall or just give in to the demands of the child. Both these decisions will not go down well as parenting techniques.

What you need to know 
Managing tantrums of your child on a shopping trip is difficult but not impossible. It is not a good idea to give in to your child’s demands even a single time because you are creating precedence for your child. Your child will get conditioned into believing that throwing a tantrum is the best way to get their demands met. So the next time the level of tantrum is going to be even higher.

What you can do
The best way to handle such a situation is to pre plan. Before going to the store, sit your kid down to explain what you are going to the store for. Make sure that the child knows that no demand is to be made in the store. You can also try a little bribery and tell your child that good behaviour would get them their favourite ice-cream at the end of the trip or an extra chance at their favourite board game. Make the child understand that everything that they want is not always given to them.

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