Your Child Is Likely To Understand Prepositions Now

At this stage, your little one will be talking in simple sentences and will be so keen to communicate with you that he may stutter and stumble when he talks. He might ask a million questions, mostly starting with "What," "Who," "Where," and "Why" and will expect an answer to all of them. Now your little one might be articulating what he wants to communicate most of the time. Kudos! Because this is a great step towards your child's language development.Your Child Is Likely To Understand Prepositions Now

What you need to know

At this point, your little one might be speaking very clearly. Although some still persist using "baby talk" and some children cannot yet manage the sounds s, r, z, th, v, f, your kiddo might be understanding prepositions as around, before, out, through. It is a great way to understand that your kiddo is developing fine learning skills. It is also a positive sign of developing fine language and communication skills.

However, sometimes he might have difficulty to understand when you talk to him. Try to handle him with patience and humbleness. But if your kiddo is still speaking unclearly, or is not speaking in complete or might not understand your instructions, this could be a sign of a developmental delay. Talk to your doctor. But for now, enjoy this phase of your child's development.

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