Your Child Is Likely To Use Abstract Thinking

Your Child Is Likely To Use Abstract Thinking
6y to 7y
Cognitive Development

Your child is now moving towards abstract thinking. He picks up abstract concepts from his environment through play (pretend play, symbolic play) and learning interactions. 

For instance, when he is playing with his friend, he may use a bench as a bus or after reading a book, you may hear him say, “This book is about friendship.” He will try to relate the theme of the book from the read story to his own world. He thinks beyond the facts and brings out his own perspective.

What you need to know

Raise a curious child. Encourage him to ask questions like why, why not or what if, etc. 

Allow him to experiment with different objects like pattern blocks, shape sets, unit blocks, beads etc. For instance, he may represent number 1 by aligning 4 beads in a line or make a house using blocks and play ‘pretend play’ with his friend.  

Get your child to read books on varied topics. For instance, if he has read books on animals and birds, he will apply the knowledge and say, “Look! That’s, a monkey. Its home is the tree.” 

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