Your Child Is Likely To Use Comparison Words Like 'Lighter' 'Heavier' 'Taller'

The day is not far when your little brat will come to you asking, ‘Mom why my elder brother is taller than me and why an apple is heavier than a grape?’ If your kid is asking you such questions it means that he is understanding comparisons and is willing to learn the differences between two similar objects yet different in size and volume.

What you need to know:

Your Child Is Likely To Use Comparison Words Like 'Lighter' 'Heavier' 'Taller'

Make your kid understand the difference between taller, heavier, lighter, etc. so that he can help in identifying when to use which comparison when talking to  others. Understanding comparisons can also improve your child's decision making ability as he will be able to identify what as appropriate for him while he shops with you.




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