Your Child Is Likely To Use Trial And Error Methods Now

Your Child Is Likely To Use Trial And Error Methods Now
Problem solving

Your child will now try to solve simple problems with the "trial and error method." For this she depends primarily on her senses rather than reasoning. She wants to explore unfamiliar objects and situations. She will try many times before getting the final understanding. For instance, if she wants to stick leaves onto the paper, she uses the glue as she has seen how to stick a picture onto the paper from you or anyone else. It will take many attempts by her to understand that leaves don't stick quickly to the pile of glue.


What you need to know

By providing new sights, sounds, activities and opportunities she explores the world around her which is crucial for her cognitive development. Involve her in activities like sorting objects by colour and shape, teach words like on, under, behind by playing games like ‘’Simon says,’’ read daily to her. In her quest to solve problems, she may even get frustrated. Please ensure you offer help before she reaches the frustration level.