Your Child Is More Eager To Learn Than Ever

Your Child Is More Eager To Learn Than Ever
At this stage, your child is becoming increasingly independent and shows rapid development of mental skills. Your child can follow complex directions and use language to explore his thoughts and feelings. 
He is now gaining more experience of the outside world and becoming more involved with school, hobbies, sports activities and friendship, and is more eager to learn and explore new things.
What you need to know
7-8 year olds are very eager to share their knowledge with others. They are very curious and frequently ask questions to their parents and also peers. Though they may start using complex and creative ways to solve problems they may remain fearful and timid at times.
What can you do
There are many ways with which you could help your child build his learning skills. You could start by giving him simple choices like choosing his own clothes or what he would like for lunch. Help him with his projects by giving support but don’t take over completely. Always encourage to ask more questions and try different methods for solving problems. And never force your child to finish any task or project as they require time to get involved and start experiencing the joy of finishing it.
Children are always looking for opportunities to learn new things. While for some it may come easy and naturally, for others it can be developed through supportive environment. If adults are critical all the time, their eagerness will disappear. As they grow we should try to praise and acknowledge all their achievements whenever possible.