Your Child Is More Expressive Now, But Is Something Stopping Him?

Your little one is now growing older and has learnt to talk and express themselves. However, there is one thing which can be a hiccup in this process, and that is shyness. You must make sure that your kid does not conceal his feelings.

What you need to know 
Shy kids are more prone to develop an aggressive nature if they keep things to themselves. The basic idea is to give maximum time to the pre-schooler so that they can learn to interact and socialise with new people they meet.

Your Child Is More Expressive Now, But Is Something Stopping Him?

You can start with making them learn various emotions by playing a fun game of making faces. Let the child observe and imitate your emotions. The other step would be to ask the other members of the family to individually sit with the kid and do some fun activity. This would help him get comfortable with different faces. You can also start some interactive exercises that involve teaching various sounds or alphabets. All these activities will offer the child a base for an open environment where they are free to emote and interact.

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