Your Child Is More Independent Now- But Is She Ready To Face Her Fears?

Since your child is more independent now, you may think that she should have overcome her childhood fears too. But that time is not yet here.

What you need to know

Do not force her to confront her fear. Neither should you declare that older kids are not afraid. This will increase her stress levels and in no way is going to help her overcome fear. Talk to her frankly. Tell her you were afraid when you were small too and that she will get over it too. 

Your Child Is More Independent Now- But Is She Ready To Face Her Fears?

What you need to do 
Never use her fear to make her obey by threatening. Though she may obey, since she believes you, her fear would have increased and chances are she will remain fearful for longer. Your child at this stage may be fearful of the dark, monsters or that you may leave her. Reassure your child and do not make a big fuss about it. Let it not become set in her character.




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