Your Child Is More Willing To Make Friends Now

Your Child Is More Willing To Make Friends Now
Emotional Development

Your child is in the middle years now and you will see a lot of changes in the confidence and self-esteem of your child. Your child will now start making real friends and will be willing to make adjustments for them. However at this age, there would be problems from time to time regarding adaptability and you might need to step in to help out.

What you need to know

Your child is able to relate better to others of the same age group. There is more desire to fit in and they would be more willing to make compromises to be accepted in the group. Your child is now choosing their friends and you are not allowed to choose friends for them anymore. You will also see that they play more with children of the same sex and generally tend to avoid children of the other sex. This is absolutely normal at this age.

Children this age are also more willing to share their things with their friends. This is because they have started building their circle of trust. Children enjoy the company of their own age group more and you may not be their best friend now. Their shift towards being more adaptive is also making them ready for team sports.