Your Child Is Most Likely To Be More Accepting Of Others Now

Your Child Is Most Likely To Be More Accepting Of Others Now
Emotional Development

At this time, your kiddo is just opening up a new world for himself; spending more time outside home, meeting new people, making friends and so on. A child goes through a lot of emotional and social changes that he deals with in his own way. Out of all these, there is one thing that a child finds it difficult to manage- accepting new members in his space. For adults it is a rather easy thing to do, but for a kid of five years, this change means a lot.

What you need to know 
Making new friends and making them a part of his world, accepting their nature and way of things is not something every child ends up doing easily. So, when a child does that, ensure that as parents you encourage him to the hilt.

Accepting new people in his world is your child’s first big step towards being social. (For eg: Hey Rohan! We are buddies, right? Why don't you drop in to my home this evening, we can play board games together!) Such statements show how much your child has accepted that person in his life.

Importance of being social
It is very important that a child becomes social and mixes well with people in his neighborhood. This makes the child confident and helps him grow as a well balanced individual. Kids who lack a social circle most times have a confused personality. So, stand by him when your child has a new friend and help him accept the new member in his life.