Your Child Is Now Able To Associate Certain Objects To Their Profession

At this stage you will start to notice that your child understands a lot of things. He is learning actively and his thought process is also developing. He will be able to identify a lot of common objects which he sees around the house and the outside world. 

What you need to know

You will be thrilled to see that your child is now able to relate to a lot of things that he sees around him. While playing he will start associating things he sees with certain professions he is aware of, even though he may not know what a profession is. For example, when seeing kitchen utensils he may recognize it as belonging to a chef. Seeing a picture of an injection he will associate it with a doctor. When he plays with his toy gun, he will say, "I am a policeman". If he sees you writing with a pen he may say, “My teacher uses it”.

Your Child Is Now Able To Associate Certain Objects To Their Profession

You can make your child aware about different professions and explore them. Although your child is too young to think about a profession, if he shows interests in any profession don’t ignore it. Read about it and guide him properly.

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