Your Child Is Now Able To Button And Unbutton 2-3 Buttons On His Own

At this stage your child will be to put shoes on his own although mostly it would be on the wrong feet! He can pull up socks, button and unbutton on his own although it may not be in order. He will also be able to pull the zip and unbuckle his shoes.

What You Need To Know

At this point, you can help your kiddo dress up and get ready to go to school on his own. There are simple techniques to train your cutiepie. When you see your child practicing to button himself or unbutton himself encourage him even though it may not be correct for the time. You can initially start with undressing as it is easy. Make sure you talk about one step at a time and give him time to complete the first step. Try not to watch him all the time when he is practicing something as he might prefer to do it when he is alone. Instead of correcting the mistakes ask him look at the mirror and correct himself. Remind him about the steps and make him identify the mistakes by himself. So he will automatically correct it.

Your Child Is Now Able To Button And Unbutton 2-3 Buttons On His Own




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