Your Child is Now Able To Channelise His Actions Better

Your Child is Now Able To Channelise His Actions Better
Verbal language
Fine Motor

Your child has grown up and is learning to control his senses and reactions. His fine motor skills are flourishing well and hence, he has a better grip over channelising his actions now.

What you need to know
To ensure that your child's energy and actions are effectively channelised, you can teach your child in different steps that can be grasped easily. Visual and verbal training proves very effective at this age. Eating techniques should be taught so that the toddler can themselves manage to eat and drink without the help of their parents.

What you need to do

Sit with your child and make them observe your actions. Teach them the use of a spoon and a fork. The child should also be taught about how to firmly hold a plate or glass without dropping them. Demonstrate these activities so that the little one can learn quickly. You can start off by gifting a junior cutlery set to the kid. These items are available in vibrant colours and stylish designs that attract their attention. This would motivate the child to use it while having food. Once the junior has adapted to cutlery handling you can also start with tips on table manners and etiquette which are also important.

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