Your Child Is Now Able To Comprehend A Short Simple Poem

Your Child Is Now Able To Comprehend A Short Simple Poem

At this stage, your child will be speak in longer, more complex sentences and will use a greater variety of speech sounds more accurately when he speaks. He might play and talk at the same time, and can also hold a conversation on his own with anyone. Strangers too can understand all that he says. You can look forward to some entertaining poems and stories from him too.

What you need to know:

During the early school years, your little one learns and understands how sounds within language work together. He also becomes a very good story-teller, as he learns to put words together in a variety of ways and build different types of sentences. At this point, he understands the concept of rhyming words as he learns recitation in school and at home also. Encourage him in his every attempt, that compel him to attempt something new and creative. He now wants to talk about a wide range of topics, and his vocabulary continues to grow. He understands basic rules of grammar as he experiments with recitation and more complex sentences.

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