Your Child Is Now Able To Copy Simple Designs

Your Child Is Now Able To Copy Simple Designs

You have been working on your child’s cognitive development all this time and it has started showing results now. He can now recognize the basic shapes, colors, sizes, etc. He can look at a pattern and know the different orientations of it. He is also able to look at 2 patterns and make out their differences in terms of shape and size. If you draw a simple pattern on paper, your child is able to make a copy of it. His pencil grip and finger movement are also in better control now.

What you need to know

Every child’s development process is unique. They grow at their own pace and at their own time depending on the kind of exposure and environment they get at home and outside. Many four year olds can naturally make shapes that are inherently symmetrical without actually understanding the concept. Some of them can even look at a pattern for some time and then make it from memory.

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