Your Child Is Now Able To Hop For A Short Distance

When your little one starts growing, one of the first few things he learns is hopping for a short distance and at this point of time, he is able to perform certain tasks such as hopping, or standing on one leg for long.

What you need to know

Children develop these skills between the age of 3-5, but very quickly they are able to get it. Suddenly you will feel that he is enjoying this process, because whenever you ask him to get something he will start hopping towards that and get it for you. He seems to enjoy this sudden developmental milestone without really knowing much about it. He starts doing all possible mischief and playing all sorts of hopping games.

Your Child Is Now Able To Hop For A Short Distance

You start finding it funny but the one thing is very important around this time, he has to be really careful while doing this. You have to be very sure about his safety, be there with him always and if it is not possible for you then ask somebody from your family to be with him especially when he is at the park playing with friends. Hopping is great as it strengthens his leg muscles , it also helps him find the right balance. So when he starts getting the right balance, he will be able to manage skipping and all other sports related to balance, quiet well. Hopping contributes towards his physical as well as his mental growth of being a happy child. 




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