Your Child Is Now Able To Paraphrase Information That He Has Read

Around this age your prince will try saying the words of a short story he has read. He can understand the content and will attempt to narrate the story. He starts getting independent now.

What you need to know

It is during this period that he develops physical, cognitive, social, comprehensive and communication skills rapidly. He should be talking fluently by now. He will be quite curious about everything that is happening around him. He will describe common objects at home and explain what it's uses. You will be on cloud nine when you see him read books that are appropriate for his age and understand most of the content. Continue reading to him, though he starts to read by himself.

Your Child Is Now Able To Paraphrase Information That He Has Read

This will be like a reading activity. He will also write quite a few words now. He will try imitating the accent of some people who impress him. He will attempt to tell the time on an analogue clock. He will enjoy drawing a house which will now include mountains, sun, trees, birds, river and so on. 

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