Your Child Is Now Able To Remember Some Parts Of Short Story Presented Orally

At this stage your bundle of joy may remember some parts or characters of her favorite story. Your preschooler is fascinated with the world around her and will now ask a lot of ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions. When it comes to understanding, she can correlate objects and characters of a story to the real world too.

What you need to know 

Your Child Is Now Able To Remember Some Parts Of Short Story Presented Orally

Your child’s memory is developing – for example, she can remember nursery rhymes and short stories, she might even repeat them back to you. She will also start to point out pictures that she remembers and may start naming them. The development of memory in children becomes evident within the first 3 years and linear increases in performance of working memory will take place from age 3-4 years.

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