Your Child Is Now Able To Share Knowledge & Experience With Younger Sibling/Friend

At this stage, your kid is around 6-7 years old and everyday he is learning something new. He is also delighted to showcase his knowledge and experiences with his younger sibling as well as peer groups. Moreover each child’s development is unique. Your child being the elder sibling is always the care taker. 

What you need to know

As a parent, you should give your child exposure to various fields. Your kid at this age has a longer attention span. He can learn things easily. His retention power is also high. Gift him story books as he has developed reading skills. This will enhance his vocabulary and speaking skills. Encourage him to join in some sports of his interest. Playing will help in developing his motor skills. He will take up new roles and challenges and he will constantly require your guidance and support. Give him emotional stability while interacting as he will feel secure. The growth and development of the elder child will boost your younger one’s as well as his friend's growth in a similar manner.

Your Child Is Now Able To Share Knowledge & Experience With Younger Sibling/Friend




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