Your Child Is Now Able To Use A Pair Of Safety Scissors To Cut On A Straight Line

Your little darling has lately been showing a lot of interest in using the scissors. This is because she has been observing you use one and is now keen to start doing the same. Little children love to experiment and try out new things. Your baby also wants to keep testing her limits and is trying to put all her skills to test. From the developmental point of view also this is the age when most children have gained the required motor skills and co-ordination to start using a pair of scissors and cut in a straight line.Your Child Is Now Able To Use A Pair Of Safety Scissors To Cut On A Straight Line

What you need to know

It is very natural for you, like most other parents, to be anxious when your baby is using a pair of scissors. You would be worried that she might nip her tender fingers and would rather not let her handle one. It would therefore be a good idea to get a pair of kid friendly scissors with blunt edges that your child can use to snip away on papers.

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