Your Child is Now All Set to Amplify His Level Of Wisdom And Thinking.

Your Child is Now All Set to Amplify His Level Of  Wisdom And Thinking.
Shape recognition

At this stage, your child is gaining a greater understanding of the world as they pass from stage to stage. Their knowledge and thinking becomes so sharp, that they want to know more and more.

What you need to know

Your child continues to augment their level of wisdom and thinking during this period. The ability to learn new skills, understanding of concepts, beginning to make sense of current events, solving problems and use of memory improve at this time.

It is you who must take responsibility for your child’s knowledge growth and it is your duty towards your child to think wisely. Your child will begin to interpret the meanings of their experiences and they also have a vivid imagination. They identify multiple objects according to specific characteristics such as color, shape, size etc. Your kid will enjoy listening to stories and songs, from where they attain a lot of entertainment and knowledge too.

What you need to do

There are several aspects you must take into consideration because at this age your kid will have high curiosity to get knowledge from varying sources. They might ask about the parts of the body, or be curious about things they are doing with other children. They may even be interested in looking through newspapers, books etc. Their thinking at times will go beyond their capacity for grasping such knowledge. You must be understanding of your child’s thought processes and be supportive and appreciative of your kid.