Your Child is Now Capable of Holding A Conversation

Your Child is Now Capable of Holding A Conversation
Verbal language

Your little one has now joined school and is learning different subjects that would help him transform into a sensible person. There is a great need for the child to perfect his language and grammar, which would be needed at every step. Most children aged 3-4 are unable to hold conversations for more than 15-20 seconds.You as a mother need to plan out time during the day where the child can practice conversation building techniques.

What you need to know

In order for your child to polish this milestone further, it is essential that you give him maximum time and put up topics, which you think are easy for him to talk on. Try building a two-way appropriate conversation, though your goal should be to be a listener more than a speaker, since your child needs to speak more and stretch the time of holding on to a conversation.

This is a great way of boosting his speech skills as well as confidence in speaking and is definitely going to help him in the present as well as the future!