Your Child Is Now Capable Of Skip Counting Till 100 Or More

Your Child Is Now Capable Of Skip Counting Till 100 Or More
At this stage, your child’s brain develops fast and along with it, his numeracy skills also advances. Your child will now be capable of skip counting, that is, counting by a number that is not 1 and will understand the pattern used in countingby 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and so on. Skip counting is an important mathematical skill that helps in counting numbers quickly and in learning multiplication table. However, it is a skill that develops gradually and with practice.
What you need to know
First of all, make sure your child understands the 0-9 pattern and counting by one. He should be able to say every number correctly up to around 120. Start practicing skip counting by 2's and gradually move to higher numbers. Your child will progress from starting to skip count at zero to starting skip counting at any number.
Make your child skip count every day orally or by counting physical objects. Eventually, your child will be able to skipcount backwards too. You can try out games to make the practice sessions enjoyable. For example, you can play a game called ‘whisper count ‘with your child. When counting from the starting number to the finishing number let your child whisper the numbers that are not part of the count and say aloud the numbers that are part of the count.