Your Child is Now Eligible To Focus On Sports

Your Child is Now Eligible To Focus On Sports
Muscle Strength

Your child has been a good learner and has learnt how to walk and balance their body. This is the perfect time where you can begin to introduce them to physical activities that help them build their bones. There are several options that can be adopted to make your kid learn in a fun way.

What you need to know
One can choose any sport that the child shows interest in. This would also benefit them in future. Children belonging to the age group 3-4 are active learners that can help a lot in this teaching. You can make the kid learn to play with a ball that can serve as a basic step. Teach them to kick the ball with their leg. This would require a demonstration so that the little one can observe and follow.

Once they have perfected this activity, ask them to kick the ball in different directions from a specific base point. This would also help their spatial sense development. Now you can advance to the next level by asking the child to kick and move forward. Offer step-by-step instructions and make sure the child doesn’t fall when they try this.