Your Child is Now Exploring the Creative Arena More

Your child at this stage is ready to explore more in the creative arena, such as artisitic activities as well as creative plays. This plays a central role in children’s learning and development. Drama, music, dance and visual art foster creativity and imagination in children; these activities also help your child to develop their senses through exploration and discovery. They let children express how they see the world and their place in it. Your Child is Now Exploring the Creative Arena More

What you need to know

Your child can use creative play to communicate their feelings. They might not always be able to say why they’re feeling angry, depressed, happy or frightened. But in an encouraging environment, they might be able to use arts activities and experiences to express these feelings using paint, color, movement, and mime, dramatic gestures, singing or dancing.

Exploring new things through play

Children need to explore and express themselves through creative play. Free creative play lets them try out different ideas and ways of doing things. The activity is the most important thing, not the final result. Your child enjoys playing with others and will love playing dress up, hosting tea parties, painting with their fingers or a brush and playing ‘rough and tumble’. Your child still loves telling stories, singing and reading too. Your child is learning about taking turns and will love helping you around the house with chores like sweeping or dusting.

This helps build their self-esteem and they will feel very proud when you call them a good helper.

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