Your Child Is Now More Accustomed To Everyday Sounds

Your Child Is Now More Accustomed To Everyday Sounds
Sensory ability

Everyday sounds like a washing machine, a pressure cooker, a door bell, a vacuum cleaner that used to startle your little angel won't be able to distract her much these days. This is because your child has now got used to these sounds and can actually associate them with the actual object. The sense of unknown is not there anymore as your child is now exploring and learning more. 

What you need to know

Some children have sensitive hearing or hyperacusis. Sounds that are normal for other people cause a lot of discomfort to these children. These children will appear startled and may even cover their ears on hearing a loud sound. If the condition is not diagnosed then it can lead to behavioral issues like crying or violent reaction to sound. With treatment, counseling and therapy the effect of Hyperacusis can be reduced. If your child shows discomfort or stress on hearing a sound then it is advised to visit a doctor. Otherwise, enjoy this new-found development in your child where she doesn't get irked by everyday sounds anymore.