Your Child Is Now Ready For An Everyday Planned Routine

Your Child Is Now Ready For An Everyday Planned Routine
Verbal language
Self Regulation

Your child has now learnt to eat their food and do other things on their own. They have entered that phase where basic life lessons need to be taught so that they can amalgamate them into their basic nature.

What you need to know

Discipline is very important at this age. If the child loses track then it might get difficult for you as a mother or father to guide them later on. The first step should be to make the kid learn how to plan their daily activities. This can be achieved in a fun way by sitting with the child and preparing a time-table board. This would keep the little one interested and excited during the whole process. Ask them to strictly follow the schedule and if they do they would be rewarded. This is another way to motivate the child.

Make sure your kid’s sleeping pattern is regular. Fix a specific time when the child must sleep and wake up. It might take a few days for the kid to adapt but this is very beneficial for a healthy living. Divide the day accordingly so that the child can perform activities such as learning, playing, eating and other activities under a specific time frame.