Your Child is Now Ready for Some Initial Writing Training

Your Child is Now Ready for Some Initial Writing Training
Letter Recognition
Eye-Hand movement

At this stage, your little one is heading towards an age when they will soon be joining pre-school. It is time to start their initial training at home so that it doesn’t get difficult for them. Since he has been already involved in reading and writing sessions with you, for starters, you can begin with training him in writing.

What you need to know 
Developing writing skills is very important for your kid to start their journey to become a literate human being. There are several ways in which you can attract the focus of your child to learn how to write. The first step is to offer your child with an attractive stationery set that draws their attention. Sit with your kid and show them the proper use of a pencil and how to write with it on the paper. Demonstrate this activity until the pre-schooler themselves pick up the pencil or crayon and scribbles.

Learning to write complete alphabets

Once your child has learnt how to handle a pencil and paper then start with alphabets. You can start with dotted letters by demonstrating how to make the complete alphabet. Let the child explore this method on their own and don’t force them to follow you. You can make the writing lessons more interesting by choosing colourful pages and writing tools. When the child scribbles something perfectly then praise them, this would boost their confidence in a positive way.