Your Child is Now Ready For Some Moral Shaping

Your Child is Now Ready For Some Moral Shaping
Verbal language

At this point, your child understands quite a lot of basics from adult world, one of which is good morals. All this while you have been helping your little one to eat, walk and carry out all other activities. But at this age you need to teach your child different lessons so that they develop a solid moral character too.

What you need to know
A helpful nature needs to be fostered from an early age. This will help your kid in socializing with other children of their age when they go to school. You can make your child learn to help others by giving demonstrations at home. Start with basic activities like asking the child to help you in folding the blankets or arranging the pillows. Seek the little one’s help in arranging their toys and books.

Let your child learn and nurture this behaviour through visual observation too. When you help other members of the family during various tasks, this would automatically motivate your little learner to develop this habit. Read out stories to the kid that have positive moral lessons about helping. Be patient in your approach without forcing them in any way. Make the kid understand the importance of being helpful that would impel them to practice this in their day-to-day life.