Your Child Is Now Ready For Some Word Training

Your child has grown from a wriggling little baby to a sensible kiddo. They have now learnt the basics of communication, which is a good thing and also the indication that they can now properly begin their alphabet and word training.

What you need to know
You now need to work on their reading skills so that they can recognize alphabets which will help them build words and later on sentences. This training needs to be done when the child is in a happy and receptive mood. The first step should be to make the kid perfect in their knowledge about different alphabets and their exact pronunciation. You should start this activity around the age of 2 so that by the age of 3-4 your kid is familiar with almost all the English letters.

Word training
The next step is to train them to read short words. For example- words like ‘Go’, ‘On’, ‘Off’ etc can be taught initially. Buy your child reading books that have figurative instructions which can help them in reading them properly. Practice short words with the little one in a loud voice so that it can also help them enhance their pronunciation skills.Your Child Is Now Ready For Some Word Training

Correct them gently when they make a mistake and motivate them with hugs and kisses when they succeed.

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