Your Child is Now Ready to Abide By Some Rules

Your Child is Now Ready to Abide By Some Rules

At this stage with the growing sense of individuality, your child is exploring a lot of things at once. While that is perfectly a sign of healthy development, there's an essentiality of abiding by some rules for your kids. Respect is vital to parenting, but the word can confuse us, especially when it comes to setting limits with children.

What you need to know

Children need lots of opportunities to be autonomous and have their choices respected. At the same time, they also need to know they are not in charge, and we demonstrate that through our confident, decisive, gentle leadership. It can be tricky figuring out how to balance these seemingly opposing needs. How do we know when our children should choose and when they need us to?

Monitor your child’s behavior to know what limits to set

If our children could let us know when we are giving them too much freedom and causing them to feel uncomfortably powerful, they probably wouldn’t at least, not verbally. But these uneasy feelings are usually expressed through our children’s behavior as they become more resistant, whiny, distracted or clingy, or continue to test us until we give them the help they need.

It might seem ironic that giving our children the freedom to choose can cause the child to test our boundaries even more, but there we are. Above two year olds aren’t terrible, they’re torn. As much as they appear to want to be in charge, the reality of that power is frightening and can severely undermine their sense of security.

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