Your Child Is Now Ready To Hop!

Your Child Is Now Ready To Hop!
Gross Motor
Gross motor

Your kiddo needs to be taught about gross motor skills to keep him fit and active. There are numerous games and exercises which can be practiced by your kid to keep his body moving. You as a parent, need to take out time each day for your kid to play on the ground. Out of many small exercises, hopping is a must. 

What you need to know:

Hopping is a great locomotive skill that your child must learn. Hopping allows your child to feel confident, capable and also responsible as he is in a position to tackle and balance his body well. Most often your child will learn hopping on his own. But if he hasn't, offer a demo so that the can understands the technique. A simple two-legged hop is very easy, your child would learn it within no time. You need to check his physical abilities offering new ways to hop such as single-leg hop, frog hop etc. There might be chances when your child would lose his balance and fall. You need to be there to support him. You can transform this task into a game, which would keep him motivated. Make sure you choose an area that is not rough. Such physical tasks are important for your child’s overall growth.

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