Your Child is Now Ready to Learn Some Self-dependence

Your Child is Now Ready to Learn Some Self-dependence
Muscle Strength
Sensory ability

Your child has crossed that age where he had to depend on you for various things. Now he has learnt to control his arms and limbs, and that is a good sign.
The age group 3-4 is the time when the pre-schooler must be taught how to be self-dependent for certain things. You as a mother can be your kid’s guide to make him learn some basic tasks. You can start off with how to pour water in a glass. This task is not simple and would require great level of focus.

What you need to do

You must firstly teach the child how to lift a bottle or any container. Let him practice this a few times. The next step should be to demonstrate how to slowly tilt the bottle so that the liquid falls in the glass. Tell the kid to keep the mouth of the bottle close to the glass neck so that the contents do not spill out.

This is a simple activity so that the child learns to develop in an adaptive way.

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