Your Child Is Now Ready to Learn The Concept of Empathy

Your Child Is Now Ready to Learn The Concept of Empathy
3y to 4y

Your child now realises that she is a separate individual. She also knows that others can have different feelings. She can analyse different situations and respond to them basis her understanding.  
When your little one hugs you to comfort you in distress, it becomes a memory of lifetime. What you will never realize is when your baby has grown up so much to relate to your feelings.

This ability to appreciate what others are feeling and respond with care is known as empathy. It is one of the many social emotional skills which your three year old will exhibit his year.

What you need to know
Now is the time for you to establish a deep loving relationship with her. When you accept your child, she grows up to be an understanding adult. When you tell her that Joey, her friend, will be sad if someone takes away his toy - she will develop an understanding about others’ feelings.

Empathy is complex to develop; be patient if she sometimes displays aggressiveness. She will learn to be nicer over time. It is alright at her age to think about herself most of the times.