Your Child is Now Ready to Stretch His Wings and Bond Closely With His Father

Till now, it is only natural that most 2 year olds are more attached to the mother than to the father. It is the mother who is taking care of the child’s needs on a daily basis and is therefore able to understand the child’s cues better. Children feel safer, closer and more comfortable with the mother. But at this stage, he is now ready to stretch his wings and extend his bonds, and thus be close to his father as well.Your Child is Now Ready to Stretch His Wings and Bond Closely With His Father

What you need to know
Bonding with their dads will help children grow emotionally, intellectually and socially. Children who have a great bonding with their dads at this age are more likely to grow up as confident, happy and well-adjusted individuals. An effective father-child bonding will have a protective effect on your child and this will help the child adjust better during the difficult adolescent years.

Best ways to create father-child bond
Unlike a mother-child bonding that can happen naturally in most cases, at times some effort needs to be put in to create a good father-child bond. There are many different activities that the father can do with the child to help in the bond building. The key is to spend as much time as possible with the child and try to find points of connection with the child. Dads can indulge in physical activities with their children like pillow fight, wrestling, rolling on the grass; you can attach a bike carrier and take your child for a ride, fishing trip, camping in your backyard etc.

Dads can also ask the toddler to help out in chores like weeding, painting the house, gardening or hosing the car. One of the best ways to foster this bond is to have a ritual of bedtime story with the dad.

Whatever the activity is, it is important for the father and child to spend one-on-one time with each other and finding a special daddy activity that the child enjoys doing with daddy the most.

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