Your Child is Now Set to Hail New Habits and Learn Physical Literacy

At this age your child would have developed the skills and confidence to be physically active for life. Your child will become more enthusiastic about playing games, listening to nursery rhymes, scribbling on walls and so on. Remember that you will need a lot of patience and tolerance to permit and accept these new habits.

What you need to know

Attempting to forbid your child too much may result in their defiance, or even lead to their picking up undesirable habits, such as disobeying their parents outright, or ignoring what they say. They may even become prone to throwing tantrums and temper fits until you are forced to accede to their demands.

Your Child is Now Set to Hail New Habits and Learn Physical Literacy

Developing physical literacy

During this period your kid gradually develops physical literacy through a variety of structured and unstructured activities. The nature of these activities changes as kids grow in age and ability. Your child will start becoming aware of his own feelings and those of others. You may observe a certain stubbornness in his habits too. At this growing stage of their life, kids should be encouraged to jump, hop, run, and climb.

Children of this age require opportunities to sing, talk and develop their language skills. Interacting with other children through play is also important. Ideally they should avoid any mistakes, but if they do make a slip-up, make them aware of it in a gentle and polite way, instead of criticizing them.

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