Your Child is Older Now But Still Needs To Abide By A Bedtime Routine

Your Child is Older Now But Still Needs To Abide By A Bedtime Routine
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For a five year old child, a set of rules and regulation is a must. The age around five years is the time a child gets to explore a new world with schools, play dates, sleepovers and so on. If some rules are not set, it is quite possible that the child may turn unruly and indisciplined. Bed time rules are one such set of rules that must be followed by every child at this age. It makes your child disciplined and also helps maintain healthy and hygienic habits.

What you can do
First, make the child brush his teeth every day before going to bed. With so much junk and chocolates, proper dental care is indispensable. Secondly, make it a habit to change into pyjamas/night suits before sleeping. A lot of children have the habit of going to bed wearing clothes they have had on the whole day. This is not only very unhygienic, but also makes the child unaware of the fact that it is very important to maintain cleanliness.

Bedtime stories
Thirdly, bedtime stories are a must. Bedtime reading is one habit that stays with the child all through his life. So, inculcate this habit from this age and it remains all through his life. Fourthly, they should not watch television before sleeping. Kids tend to catch up with their shows before going to bed. Make sure they don't do so.

Psychologists believe that kids do not get sound sleep if they sleep just after watching television. The lights and sound of the television stay long in their mind causing disturbance. Last but not the least, a hug and a peck is must. Kids who are put to sleep with gestures of love end up sleeping well in the night. With these few bedtime rules, the child is going to have very sound sleep and as a result a healthy mind and body.

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