Your Child Is Pretty Much Under The Impact Of Friendships

Your Child Is Pretty Much Under The Impact Of Friendships
Verbal language

Your child at this stage has their own set of friends, with whom they spend a lot of time, talking and exchanging ideas.

Friends form an important part of your child’s life now. There might be best friends who might often change week-to-week or might remain for a longer time span. Kids try to copy habits of their ‘best friend’ and want to be with them – play with them, eat with them, have them over at the house, or if that friend is in the same school or class, then be with them all the time. Since they can now put themselves in the shoes of others and understand others’ feelings, they are capable of maintaining long friendships.

What you need to know 
Regrettably along with good habits, some bad habits are also picked up from their friends, and you might find it little difficult to get rid of these, but be patient and make them understand what is right and how to avoid or overcome what is not acceptable in your family.

Losing a friend – a friend leaving the neighbourhood or school or the country or an unfortunate event of a death – will surely impact your child at this age. Let them know it is ok to feel sad, grieve but also help them to overcome it by encouraging them to make new friends and support them in their progress to cope with it.

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