Your Child Is Quite An Auditory Learner Now- Can This Maximise His Learning?

Your Child Is Quite An Auditory Learner Now- Can This Maximise His Learning?
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Your first grader is now busy with homework. As a parent you want to do all you can to guide and help him with his homework. If you can understand your child’s learning style, it can reduce homework frustrations.

What you need to know
If your child learns by hearing and listening, he is an auditory learner. He is better at understanding and remembering things he has heard. He stores information by the way it sounds. He will perform well in plays as he enjoys dialogues and likes music. He will also do well at telling jokes and stories. It’s better if he sits in the front in his class to hear well.

What you can do
You can work with him to learn better in many ways. One way is to read out stories, assignments or directions aloud to him. You can also use flashcards to learn new words and read them aloud. You can record yourself spelling words and then make him listen to the recording. Incorporating multimedia applications like tape recorders, computers, musical instruments while teaching will get him interested in the learning process. Let him talk about the problem which will guide him to the solution.

For instance, if he is stuck with a Math problem, let him read the question twice and talk out how to go about finding the solution. You can also ask questions which can aid him in getting the answer. In short, he will understand information best when he hears it.

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