Your Child Is Ready For An Image For His Personality

At this stage, your child’s physical changes happen in leaps and bounds, quite literally! Running, hopping and jumping are high on their daily agenda as they become stronger and more coordinated. They also love practicing more sophisticated skills through activities like drawing, making shapes with play-dough and feeding themselves without too much mess. In a nutshell, their image building and personality shaping have started in full swing! All this amazing development needs extra helpings of nutrients for a healthy brain and body.Your Child Is Ready For An Image For His Personality

What you need to know

As your child becomes more independent, you will see more and more of their own little personality shining through. But if there is one thing that all kids this age have in common, it’s the boundless energy that keeps mummies and daddies on their toes from morning until night.

With their growing strength and coordination, you will see your child using their bodies in all sorts of ways. Whether it’s jumping, kicking, running, catching, climbing, swinging, sliding or roly-polying, it can sometimes seem like they are never going to stop. Fortunately for you, they do! Your child wanted to show their personality by playing happily with others. They will remember you only if they are hungry, need water, or want to go to toilet, etc. Your child will practice their physical skills more and more, as they explore and frame an image for their personality.




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