Your Child is Ready For Fantasy Play- Know What Is Essential

At this stage, with the growing imaginative abilities of your child, he's fully eligibile for fantasy play, wherein his psychological development can happen perfectly. To corroborate the same, there's obviously a certain set of requisites for your kid. As everyone knows, no toy chest is complete without an assortment of stuffed animals, dolls, and action figures, this time too the concept is no different.Your Child is Ready For Fantasy Play- Know What Is Essential

What you need to know

While you may feel your house is overrun with the toys, they are pulling their weight. They play a big role in the development of imagination. When your child cooks dinner for their furry friend or gives them a bath, they are practicing adult roles in a way that helps your child make sense of the world. Preschoolers get even more dramatic by giving their dolls and stuffed animals human qualities as they act out conflicts and frustrations.

Benefits of pretend play

You may walk in on your almost 3-year-old as they will angrily be telling their stuffed animal: you are going in for a time out. You may see re-enactments of events, but with an outcome that suits your child better; for example, letting all their dolls have cookies before dinner. One of pretend play's biggest benefits is that it gives children a safe haven to explore their feelings while feeling in control. In other words, the dolls and bears in your life are helping kids come to grips with their emotions.




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