Your Child Is Ready For Longer Play Dates Now

Your Child Is Ready For Longer Play Dates Now

At this age, your little one sheds a bit more neediness and uncertainty of early years, to bring enthusiasm and curiosity in everything they do. Your kid is now enjoying the interaction with his age-group. As a result his friend circle expands.
What you need to know
With longer attention span your child is capable of longer playdates now, but along with that you will also notice that they want to play on their own as well. Around this time his mind is full with imaginations and now he is pretending to be superheroes or his favourite cartoon, which will not happen if he is with his friends.
You need to see that playing alone doesn’t mean kids must be in a room by themselves, you can stay in the same room together while still encouraging them to play by themselves. Start by setting a “Time-Limit” on how long your child should play alone. Try and incorporate reading, music, indoor activities for independent play. Pick out new activities every month which you both can do together. Give them an easy painting project to try in your living area while you can manage your regular house chores. This period is also called “the bonding years”; which means it is a good time for you to get know his likes and dislikes or even his strengths and weaknesses. So try and make that connection with your little one through his alone time.

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