Your Child Is Ready For Some Efficient Adaptive Skills

Your Child Is Ready For Some Efficient Adaptive Skills
Self Regulation

You may find him doing various different things at this age like dressing himself, washing hands by himself, trying to solve problems himself etc. But in this process he may also become adamant in some cases. So you need to cooperate in such circumstances and be a caring parent and a friend to your child. Be sure that he adapts everything right at this age because if this is not done, he will inculcate wrong habits and eventually the wrong track may be taken by him. So support him and let him adapt efficient skills that come to use.

What you need to know
It is basically a collection of conceptual, social and practical skills that your child must learn in order to be efficient enough. In fact it is not just one skill but rather a collection of multiple skills that a child needs to learn in order to accomplish day to day activities. Being a parent you need to have patience and understanding of your child’s emotions and moods.