Your Child is Ready For Some Fine Dining Skills

Your Child is Ready For Some Fine Dining Skills
Eating Habit

Your child is now quite grown up and starts doing several personal activities on his own. Now is the time that you should make him understand the importance of having good feeding skills.

What you can do
Give him small bite-sized pieces of food and ask him to feed himself while you supervise. You as a parent can assist him in coaching the same by means of being calm and not hurrying in feeding him. When your toddler is at the dinner table, make him know the right way to eat, what to devour, however in a concerned and not dominating way.
Keep interacting with your child as he eats. Ask him about his school and friends. That way he will not feel abandoned although he is eating on his own. Eating together as a family is also a great way to develop his self-feeding skills.

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